About us

 We have been involved in dance in one way or another for many years and now we would like  to share our knowledge, experience and skills with you. Our main goal is enable everybody to shine as a Star. 

Our approach is indivdual and we into account your wishes, nature and purpose. The world is full of thousands of possibilities, from which we will try to find the most suitable for you. We do not go with “ready solutions” but we create glamour art around you.
Ballroom dancers, gymnasts, ballet dancers, figure skaters and hobby dancers either novices or professionals need glamous dancewear and appropriate high-quality accessories. Visit us on the Web or in the Studio at Ilmatsalu 34 street, Tartu, Estonia.

When quality does matter!


Madis ABEL & Aleksandra GALKINA



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We know glamour and we know how sew ideas to shine in dancefloor. For all, who keep Dance important part of life - ballroom dancers, gymnast, iceskaters, ballet, charatcter dancers and who looking glamour for special occasion - wedding, graduating, levee, for special performance.

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