Pretty often found we self thinking about HOW ?! How glue eyelashes, how tyuing bow tie, hoe take a care about shoes, how make shoes not slippery and hundered other small but imported - How`s. Everyone make a face - you don`t know, but really doesent they know eather. Most dancers just guess, but it may take a lot time or break things. Sometimes we have opportunity to ask from someone, but sometimes teachers forgott or doesent have enough time to explain, sometime we just shame to ask.

Don`t worry. We help you. We have a lot experience and usefull tricks and tips for every dancer. Sometimes is better practice it at home and the most imported is take a care about your equipment -  it may help won higher troops but may also ruin best performance.

If you have also some usefull tricks and tips, don`t be shame, share it with others.