How measure self right?

For success of sewing work is very imported right measuring and that`s way take measure carefully and be precise.

For measuring bind up some band around of waist. Stand front of the mirror to see right position of measure tape.  For beginning take all circumferences and width measures and then measures of length. For measure of circumference stand behind of person. Hold measure tape on the left hand, lead it around front side so, at you hold shorter end with two fingers and thumb. Set measure tape on the right position with right hand.

Some example: for sewing of blouse need you measures A,B,C,D (longer blouse), E,F,H,K,I.

NB. For sewing of dancewear based in dance dress, gymnast suit or  bodysuit, is imported measure R.


A.    Neck - Measure the circumference at fullest part

B.    Bust - Measure the fullest point with tape measure straight across back.

C.    Waist - Tie string around waist - leave in place for remaining measurements - measure waist at string level.

D.   Hip circumference 

E.     Back Width

F.     Back Neck to Waist - Measure from the prominent neckbone to waist string at center back.

G.   Overall length

H.   Front Neck to Waist - Measure from the base of the neck (hollow between collar bones) to waist string at center front.

I.      Sleeve length,  Bicep circumference and wrist circumference

J.      Front chest width

K.    Brest heigth

L.     Shoulder width

M.  Internal leg length

N.   Crotch Length

O.   Your length

P.    Head circumference

Q.   shoulder girth

R.    Length of body - Measure the shoulder opposite shoulder.